1.25 tubing

1.25 tubing is the most widely used commercial grade tubing found in the United States. It has been around longer than most realize, and is often used in places where its strength and durability are a concern. From the kitchen to the garage, 1.25 tubing can be found wherever it’s needed. To ensure you’re using the safest and most durable kind of tubing available, follow these helpful tips:

Cleaning your tubing is essential to make sure it works as good as possible over the long haul. One way to clean tubing benders is to use a spray bottle or hose with a very fine jet of water pushed through it. This makes sure all the air is removed, then simply spray it down with a hose. Use a disinfectant to wipe down both the fittings and the tubing after you’re done cleaning it to keep harmful bacteria from forming. You can also use a mild dish soap or laundry detergent to clean the whole tubing, just make sure you rinse it out very well to get any soap residue off it.

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