Small construction machinery

Small construction machinery has small investment, quick results, zero risk, and high return. Its advent is a major breakthrough in mechanical transportation of today’s construction and decoration industry, and will end the history of manual transportation of high-altitude decoration materials. It greatly reduces labor intensity and creates maximum economic benefits.

Small construction machinery concept

Small construction machinery refers to multi-action hoisting machinery that vertically lifts and horizontally carries heavy objects within a certain range. Also known as crane. Belongs to material handling machinery. The working characteristics of small construction machinery are convenient and efficient operation, that is, the corresponding mechanisms of reclaiming, transporting, and unloading in a working cycle work alternately.

Small construction machinery classification

According to lifting weight

100 kg small grain hoist, 200 kg truck crane, 300 kg, 400 kg, 500 kg building handling machinery.

By purpose

Divided into two kinds of indoor and outdoor

According to voltage requirements

380V and 220V

Basic composition of small construction machinery

It consists of two parts: power unit and bracket.

  1. The power unit is composed of a motor, a reducer, a clutch, a brake, a rope drum and a steel wire rope. The motor is a magnetic single-phase capacitor motor, which is designed with a mechanism that brakes when the power is turned off; the motor is also equipped with a thermal switch to prevent the motor from overheating and burning; the reducer is a two-stage gear reduction, which is fixed to the motor; clutch, The brake is integrated with the rope drum, but when the clutch is in the disengaged state, it can achieve rapid descent, and operating the brake can control the descent speed to avoid impact.

The hole in the front of the power unit shell can be used to install a blower, and the user can equip it with a blower for forced cooling as needed. The shell itself is equipped with a tool box, which is equipped with a clutch handle, a special wrench with a brake handle, a jack nut washer, a rod top cap, a button starter, a travel switch, wires and instructions.

  1. The bracket part is composed of a main rod and a rotating arm composed of a screw, a jack nut and a vertical rod. The rotating arm can rotate 360 ​​degrees on the main pole, and a travel switch is provided at the end of the arm to prevent lifting accidents caused by operating errors or button failure.

The operation button starter realizes that the motor can be rotated forwards and backwards. The wire rope can be burned and released, and the support part of the pulley is lifted, and the object is lowered to complete the lifting operation.

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