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About High Carbon Steel

For high carbon steel type projects, high carbon steels are formed through the process of bending and welding, both the bending and welding may be done with or without a heat treat.

Steel Square Rods for Chemical Factories

AISI (American Institute of Steel Construction) Stainless Steel Square Rods are considered a universal fitting steel rod which is suitable for use in CNC and other machine tools. Square rods feature an exceptional weldability combined with good tensile strength and corrosion resistance. Square rods are ideal for CNC cutting, drilling, stamping, and engraving. These types […]

C 260 Brass Wire Mesh – An Alternate Method to MIG welding

Brass is one of the common materials used in making brass tubes and c260 brass tubes. The main material used in manufacturing this type of tubes is zinc. This metal has great mechanical properties and has a very good resistance to stress. Brass has been used widely for several applications in industries where it is […]

Construction Machinery Definition

Construction machinery is an important part of the equipment industry. In a nutshell, all the mechanical equipment necessary for comprehensive mechanized construction projects required for earthwork construction projects, road construction and maintenance, mobile hoisting and loading and unloading operations, and various construction projects are called engineering machinery.

The Basic Meaning of Mechanical Design

The mechanical design conceives, analyzes and calculates the working principle, structure, movement mode, force and energy transmission mode, material and shape size of each part, lubrication method, etc. of the machine according to the requirements of use, and converts it into a specific description as The working process of manufacturing basis. Mechanical design is an […]

Introduction to Mechanical Drawing

Mechanical drawing is a discipline that uses drawings to accurately represent the structure, size, working principle and technical requirements of machinery. Drawings are composed of graphics, symbols, text, and numbers. They are technical documents that express design intent, manufacturing requirements, and exchange experience. They are often referred to as the language of engineering circles.